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Sensuality school. Than the passion smells?

Seducing art, flirtation, love game … at this school of a sensuality is a lot of Components. One of them – a passion smell.

The pleasant smell … Is a conventional sign for a designation of the sexual intentions. From several tens erotic essence you can create allsorts only for the favourite. Not to destroy magic charms and to support love game, you should give a signal about the romantic mood!

I use these secrets itself, once for a long time I to it was learnt by the woman. Then on eyes the interesting book about seducing magic has got to me. I share!

Passion bed.
We flavour bed-clothes. 3 drops of not diluted essence of rosemary – on a palm. And by fingers of other hand it is in regular intervals put on bed-clothes. The present essence of traces should not to leave! Rosemary since ancient times named «a heart grass». It spiritualises, "inspires", kindles passion, promotes increase in duration of love game!

If your age from 40 till 50 years to open the second breath of your love the cypress will help. It is necessary only 2 drops of this oil. The cypress raises endurance, gives flexibility to a body. The fuse will suffice for vigorous continuation of a feast of sensuality and in the morning, after long night of love!

Aggression neutralisation.
Recollect, how your romantic mood when your favourite removes socks or a sweaty shirt quickly leaves. Convince the beloved to accept from you a gift - aromatic talc. Only it is necessary to make it, without having offended the partner. Let powders problem zones in the morning, in the evening and directly before appointment.

Love bath one for two.
I pour necessary quantity of foam for a bath and there I add 4 drops of a sandal-wood tree, 3 – ilang-ilanga. Each of oils bears erotic loading. The sandal-wood tree raises a potentiality, does you inventive in caresses. Ilang-ilang strengthens pleasure from love game and from оргазма. Very often we would not like to get over in bed, and we make love directly in water!

Erotic shower.
Only it is necessary to add 7 drops мирры in a shower gel. We pound each other fragrant gel long enough, stretching pleasure from contacts … We are rinsed with cool water and, without being wiped, we indulge in love!

Exciting kisses.
Kisses will get spiciness if to them in advance to be prepared. The light wine is necessary. In 2 teaspoons of honey add 3 drops of oil of a bergamot. This honey add in 0,7 l of the prepared wine. The cocktail needs to be sustained within 3 days in a warm dark place. Before the use shake up, taste and kiss to dizziness. Wine with a bergamot has property to cause a special erotic pulsation.

Erotic massage.
It is possible to devote all prelude to mutual erotic massage as "Kama-sutra" advises. The man to the woman gently rubs jasmine oil in a skin: 4 drops on 10 grammes of the olive. A jasmin – female aroma. It liberates closed, allows to feel pleasure by affinity at pregnancy. The woman prepares for the man for massage an elixir on the basis of man's oil of ginger – 3 drops on 10 grammes olive.

Aroma of a bedroom.
Pour in аромалампу warm water and add 5 drops of oil of a pine or a muscat. Light a candle. Let the lamp burns all time while you have sex. The pine gives inflow of energy and forces, introduces fire and recklessness in actions. The muscat rejuvenates, updates sensations. Pragmatists, busy, for a while forget about affairs, become romanticists, and are completely disconnected from problems.

Seducing science it is possible to study all life, every day brings in relations new notes. Let and this school will be on advantage, let will strengthen your mutual inclination! Love to you!

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Virtual change – prank or a trouble?

Change to change рознь – will tell someone. Also it will appear it is wrong. It is possible to concern from the point of view of psychology concept a sin, but a sin a sin and remains. It is possible to name change by an easy entertainment, usual interest, and it is unimportant, real it or virtual – its consequences are always identical …

Since the world wide web has strongly wound all of us with the feelers very few people did not become a victim of own curiosity. Forums, chats, sites of acquaintances, blogs open before us earlier unknown world of virtual dialogue. Here it is unessential to be oneself – you simply try on another's images, at you a new name, and here you – any more you.

On the one hand, it is quite good – ourselves for ourselves remove psychological barriers and we try to communicate how in a life it was impossible to us. It is not necessary to select instantly words, there is time to think, "steal" someone's thought, and then to give out it for the. And by itself it is happy. Here nobody will see spots on your person and will not hear your stutter. You – the phantom, the person-invisible being, the superman, the seksi-lady, the stinker with the long-term experience or the temptress. You create yourself, as small god. Your world is created, time has come to operate.

We go on a site of acquaintances. http://free-girls.w-ru.com What wide choice! With delight you start to examine quiveringly and greedy another's appetizing forms and frank pictures. As in a market day, here on counters there is all. And absolutely it is for nothing! But to "bite", it is necessary to become a member of this amicable collective, differently it will be possible to look at "show-window" only from afar. The hand reaches for a treasured button "registration" and everything, the mechanism is started.

After laborious work over the questionnaire you or wait that someone on it "will peck", or go to approach. The last – the privilege of men, however, other courageous female individuals this privilege do not shun. Dependence then begins. Every morning we run to check mail. About! Heart without restraint fights – to you the letter! And so day after day, month after month. Characters vary, passion grows.

All who is near you – wives, husbands, girlfriends and favourite, leave in due course on the second plan. Their qualities grow dull, and presence of close people at your life becomes something habitual and to a soreness of the mouth boring. Now fire of passions blazes on another's arena, where you – the main and invincible gladiator, the lady-killer and the manipulator of destinies. However, sometimes you should come off a virtual life and to come back in the real world. Conscience still sometimes submits life signs, but each time ever less. Sooner or later there comes an outcome.

According to psychologists, virtual flirtation on the Internet differs nothing from the present change. In the interrogation spent by employees of university Queens in Belfast, 245 students participated. It was offered to participants of experiment to complete pair history in which one of partners had virtual communication on the Internet.

It has appeared that 51 % of participants of experiment consider as its change, and 84 % have agreed that the second partner necessarily feels betrayed. Psychologists assert that the virtual extramarital affair can threaten real relations of people. The emotional hobby even without physical contact can seriously affect human relations.

According to results of interrogation, the woman perceive virtual change, than men more painfully. Flirtation searches on the Internet also can be a symptom of already existing problems. To people to justify flirtation on the Internet easier, but consequences can be so serious, as well as in a situation with the present change: trust loss, insult and a pain. And if from outside it seems to you it is harmless try to change virtually. It at all an appeal, it is not necessary to put a finger there where you risk to appear without a hand. Not all it allowed to stop in time, and the number of the destroyed destinies is defensible nothing.

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Love or love?

In what a difference of two these words? Very many people fall in love, marry, get children, live many long years together, and then all disappears also one of a two understands (or both) that it was not the love, and simply love. Also what to do further? To live or exist. Where this border or a precipice between two these very close and very different concepts?

Yes-yes, you will be absolutely right, if will tell that it is the worn out theme. But, notice, actual, at everyone in human life happens such. It as though rejects, and he reflects on the relations with other person what is love, that, or easier love?

Let's differentiate these concepts: love is an emotion, and the love is a feeling then about something becomes clear. Emotions is a bright short-term experience. Love – a condition based on sincere and sexual aspirations.
Feelings are relations of the person, different the stability, проникновенностью in depth of soul. Love – the steady feeling caused by sexual requirements and deep, long experiences.

Now it is necessary to understand only in most itself and to understand that you test to the favourite person.

What at me to this man, feeling or emotion, love or love? It is pleasant to me, as he looks at me, it tender, patient, attentive. I want and I do always so that to it was good, independent, with me it or not. Simply that at the person all was good. It is pleasant to me to be with it in bed. We meet three years. I would name it love now, likely, because in due time have simply forbidden itself even to think that it can be love, after all it the married person. And our dialogue is more as a hobby.

Why the woman purposeful, strong, clever, especially now forbids itself to love, presently? Or even to fall in love? It does career, and superfluous emotion can bring down all spirit only. And the woman hides behind bales of papers, business trips, seminars only because she simply is afraid to lose the control over a situation, to be vulnerable, soft, gentle or simply wishes to avoid a pain which in various variations, but all the same accompanies love, as though it was not paradoxical. But only in comparison we start to appreciate that we have.

As the feeling of love all the same is blissful and fine! Not the arrangement to deliver each other physical pleasure, namely love. When the soul sings, when even the cloudiest weather seems not such gloomy, when "the favourite" chief – like and not absolutely finished to drag. The life is fine. Yes, then there comes crisis, separation, grief, but after all it too emotions and they too are in own way fine.
But all the same how to understand, when this, that – love and when – it is simple its shade, a mirage, love?

The strangest that distinguish «the first love» and define accurately, sometimes at once, sometimes in due course that it is love. Then the person compares all life of sensation which were at «the first love» with sensations which he feels at a given time and speaks to itself: «Well is not present, then it was stronger, and I in general to sleep, could not eat. And now not so, it is simply pleasant to me to be with this person. Means, I do not love it, and it so, the hobby» is simple.

How to understand what you test to the person? After all so it would be desirable not to pass or not to miss that only thing (th). It is said that you will feel, if it it. Yes. Likely so. But every year the world, a society, the relation to values varies, all as though tries to turn over. Young girls appreciate not romanticism, and a solvency more and more. Young guys or become similar to girls, or are so shy that simply are afraid to show feelings. But all dream of love, unless it is not paradoxical?

As people all the same to be afraid to dare to like, be afraid to prove, feel a pain, pleasure, grief. They agree not to fall in love, they change, lie, are realised, and all because of what? Because of fear to be the person? After all display of kindness, softness, warmth, tear is after all human displays, we were granted by their nature. And all of us more carefully and with mad persistence try «to jostle them far away» both not to hear, and not to feel, and so is simple, to do career and to earn money, but what for and for whom? Whether we the pleasure to which we aspire or all the same our protogenic feelings is more important will receive? Everyone chooses the way and follows it.

«Love the near». But how we love? How we do it how we will radiate the love on all mankind, for the whole world?... For we should love, such is true... If you do not love, you прокляты, you have wallowed in harm, you worsen a mankind condition. If love – you on the right track. But how to love? Many people concern love rather romantically and actually come to an enthusiastic condition from one this word. Then there comes rupture, the period when we any more do not feel raised impulses of love comes. Something comes another – something constraining, some secret business; we are inclined to hide this party of love; here – a sexual life, something shameful, not being a part of our Divine nature, something such of what it is not necessary and to think. It is necessary to kindle other fire of love only.

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How not to get to a jealousy trap?

The majority of men do not take out active intrusion of beloveds into private life, in particular, shadowing: checks of pockets, listening of phone calls, requirements of reports «where was?». Quite often delays favourite after work and the released sight are connected with simple desire to stay alone with themselves. Instead of reproaches try to answer the same: be late on work, at the girlfriend, in shop or think up something more in an original way.

The feeling of jealousy arises at people obstinate and selfish. Such people make to all associates high demands. The thought on their own fault is unacceptable for them, and they shift on others all responsibility for insufficient (from their point of view) attention to themselves.

When such person faces cooling and tries to find to it an explanation, it easily finds it: to all fault it (it) which (which) had an extraneous interest, bent to incorrectness.

There are people from number ревнивцев which are inclined to exaggerate own lacks, troubles and dangers. They easily run into melancholy and despair. Including themselves weak and uninteresting, they believe that have not the right to count on the good relation of associates. But at the same time take hard the fate, are weighed upon it. They with watchfulness expect acknowledgement of the fears and consequently the slightest change (not only to the worst) the stranger to them of the relation instantly is caught by them and generates far-reaching, more often unreasonable conclusions.

One of versions ревнивцев from ущемленности can consider people whom, being protected from own defencelessness, take on some expression self-confident, resolute and even of the cheerful person. But it only a mask which hides the raised vulnerability and sensitivity even to insignificant inevitable conflicts.

At jealousy occurrence take your time with conclusions, and understand itself, in the behaviour more deeply. Learn to understand others, to trust them. The Given quality is very important in construction of personal relations.

The jealousy after all in itself very often creates set of conflict situations.

The prevention: even in an anger impulse never mention sexual sphere of your relations. Because a mention of worst aspects of intimate relations you can not only is sick wound the partner, but also put in it coldness in relation to sex, an inferiority complex etc.

If you sicken, take yourself in hands and postpone problem conversation at that point in time when clouds will dissipate. If insults has collected too much, better easy explain to it that you does not arrange: do not shout, do not offend, be able to listen.

The it is fast forgotten bad, the there is a pair more safely, more happily.
There is nothing more dangerous, than accumulation of insults, "sins", errors etc. First, they litter soul, superseding from it all that good that there already was. Secondly, they force to be engaged the second partner in similar process – a collecting of misses and flaws from which, naturally, nobody is insured.

Certainly, there are things, to forgive which it is impossible, there are principles, to concede in which – means to refuse from own "I". But whether it is too frequent about so lofty matters there is a speech? After all, as a rule, conflicts happen because of trifles which and enamoured will seem for the next day the ridiculous.

Remember: the one who feels the weakness rows and swears. Whether it is necessary to you to show, what you lose the control over a situation?

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What should be the first appointment.

Not the secret that depends on the first appointment possibility of the further development of relations so, and to prepare for it it is necessary thoroughly. To Take courage to invite the girl is half-affairs. And here from a question «Where exactly to invite?» Thoughts almost at all guys run up in a chaotic order.

To begin with it is necessary to consider a heap of factors, beginning from you are in what settlement: to a small village with unique so-called "club" or a megacity with trading-entertaining complexes at every turn; finishing yours with the lady individual predilections. I will not write about representatives of subculture and possibilities of multimillionaires. We take an average situation: provincial small town, the usual fellow, average plumpness a purse. At once we will specify that the opinion of the author subjective and is based exclusively on a private experience and meditations.

Variant the first. Walk in park. And why is not present? Especially in warm weather that and on a swing to drive, both ice-cream to eat, and at a bench it was possible to feed pigeons. All of us, whatever one may do, «it come from the childhood». Fresh air … Romanticism!

Variant of the second. I would name its traditional. A meeting in cafe. Soft light, hardly audible unostentatious music, coffee with a cake, chairs opposite. It is possible and is gallant поухаживать, and to talk.

Variant the third. A cinema. Despite popularity of a choice of this variant, in my opinion, it not especially suits the first appointment. Too it is a lot of nuances: the film is better for choosing together with the girl, possibility to talk is close to zero, and atmosphere in the dark has приобнять, to kiss, what not so quickly it is necessary to each companion to liking.

Variant the fourth. For those who conducts an active way of life – bowling or a skating rink (роликодром). But on the other hand, in bowling together dullishly. On a skating rink it becomes especially cheerful, if neither the guy, nor the girl are not able to go for a drive. The laughter together with bruises is provided.

Subtleties. For a long time it is accepted that the account is paid by the man, that is the gentleman. But the girl in a modern society – nature independent. Besides, there are girls who after the payment of invoice the guy will feel awkwardly as if now something should. Therefore, if the lady insists to pay half-and-half, do not resist. Means, so to it will be more comfortable. To show the generosity and other better qualities you still will be in time.

Themes for conversation on the first appointment pick up the neutral: discuss news, take an interest in hobbies of the girl. Aspire not to spread about itself all information, and to push the lady to reciprocal questions: «And you than take a great interest? And where you had a rest in the summer?» And so on. Do not take in head to speak about the former novels and their quantity and if the interlocutor asks, answer with general phrases, without going into details and without sounding the rupture reason.

Behave naturally, the same as with friends. Observance of elementary rules of etiquette, an affable smile, a bunch of flowers, a small talk, kiss on a cheek at parting – and the consent to following appointment at you in a pocket!