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Virtual change – prank or a trouble?

Change to change рознь – will tell someone. Also it will appear it is wrong. It is possible to concern from the point of view of psychology concept a sin, but a sin a sin and remains. It is possible to name change by an easy entertainment, usual interest, and it is unimportant, real it or virtual – its consequences are always identical …

Since the world wide web has strongly wound all of us with the feelers very few people did not become a victim of own curiosity. Forums, chats, sites of acquaintances, blogs open before us earlier unknown world of virtual dialogue. Here it is unessential to be oneself – you simply try on another's images, at you a new name, and here you – any more you.

On the one hand, it is quite good – ourselves for ourselves remove psychological barriers and we try to communicate how in a life it was impossible to us. It is not necessary to select instantly words, there is time to think, "steal" someone's thought, and then to give out it for the. And by itself it is happy. Here nobody will see spots on your person and will not hear your stutter. You – the phantom, the person-invisible being, the superman, the seksi-lady, the stinker with the long-term experience or the temptress. You create yourself, as small god. Your world is created, time has come to operate.

We go on a site of acquaintances. http://free-girls.w-ru.com What wide choice! With delight you start to examine quiveringly and greedy another's appetizing forms and frank pictures. As in a market day, here on counters there is all. And absolutely it is for nothing! But to "bite", it is necessary to become a member of this amicable collective, differently it will be possible to look at "show-window" only from afar. The hand reaches for a treasured button "registration" and everything, the mechanism is started.

After laborious work over the questionnaire you or wait that someone on it "will peck", or go to approach. The last – the privilege of men, however, other courageous female individuals this privilege do not shun. Dependence then begins. Every morning we run to check mail. About! Heart without restraint fights – to you the letter! And so day after day, month after month. Characters vary, passion grows.

All who is near you – wives, husbands, girlfriends and favourite, leave in due course on the second plan. Their qualities grow dull, and presence of close people at your life becomes something habitual and to a soreness of the mouth boring. Now fire of passions blazes on another's arena, where you – the main and invincible gladiator, the lady-killer and the manipulator of destinies. However, sometimes you should come off a virtual life and to come back in the real world. Conscience still sometimes submits life signs, but each time ever less. Sooner or later there comes an outcome.

According to psychologists, virtual flirtation on the Internet differs nothing from the present change. In the interrogation spent by employees of university Queens in Belfast, 245 students participated. It was offered to participants of experiment to complete pair history in which one of partners had virtual communication on the Internet.

It has appeared that 51 % of participants of experiment consider as its change, and 84 % have agreed that the second partner necessarily feels betrayed. Psychologists assert that the virtual extramarital affair can threaten real relations of people. The emotional hobby even without physical contact can seriously affect human relations.

According to results of interrogation, the woman perceive virtual change, than men more painfully. Flirtation searches on the Internet also can be a symptom of already existing problems. To people to justify flirtation on the Internet easier, but consequences can be so serious, as well as in a situation with the present change: trust loss, insult and a pain. And if from outside it seems to you it is harmless try to change virtually. It at all an appeal, it is not necessary to put a finger there where you risk to appear without a hand. Not all it allowed to stop in time, and the number of the destroyed destinies is defensible nothing.

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