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Love or love?

In what a difference of two these words? Very many people fall in love, marry, get children, live many long years together, and then all disappears also one of a two understands (or both) that it was not the love, and simply love. Also what to do further? To live or exist. Where this border or a precipice between two these very close and very different concepts?

Yes-yes, you will be absolutely right, if will tell that it is the worn out theme. But, notice, actual, at everyone in human life happens such. It as though rejects, and he reflects on the relations with other person what is love, that, or easier love?

Let's differentiate these concepts: love is an emotion, and the love is a feeling then about something becomes clear. Emotions is a bright short-term experience. Love – a condition based on sincere and sexual aspirations.
Feelings are relations of the person, different the stability, проникновенностью in depth of soul. Love – the steady feeling caused by sexual requirements and deep, long experiences.

Now it is necessary to understand only in most itself and to understand that you test to the favourite person.

What at me to this man, feeling or emotion, love or love? It is pleasant to me, as he looks at me, it tender, patient, attentive. I want and I do always so that to it was good, independent, with me it or not. Simply that at the person all was good. It is pleasant to me to be with it in bed. We meet three years. I would name it love now, likely, because in due time have simply forbidden itself even to think that it can be love, after all it the married person. And our dialogue is more as a hobby.

Why the woman purposeful, strong, clever, especially now forbids itself to love, presently? Or even to fall in love? It does career, and superfluous emotion can bring down all spirit only. And the woman hides behind bales of papers, business trips, seminars only because she simply is afraid to lose the control over a situation, to be vulnerable, soft, gentle or simply wishes to avoid a pain which in various variations, but all the same accompanies love, as though it was not paradoxical. But only in comparison we start to appreciate that we have.

As the feeling of love all the same is blissful and fine! Not the arrangement to deliver each other physical pleasure, namely love. When the soul sings, when even the cloudiest weather seems not such gloomy, when "the favourite" chief – like and not absolutely finished to drag. The life is fine. Yes, then there comes crisis, separation, grief, but after all it too emotions and they too are in own way fine.
But all the same how to understand, when this, that – love and when – it is simple its shade, a mirage, love?

The strangest that distinguish «the first love» and define accurately, sometimes at once, sometimes in due course that it is love. Then the person compares all life of sensation which were at «the first love» with sensations which he feels at a given time and speaks to itself: «Well is not present, then it was stronger, and I in general to sleep, could not eat. And now not so, it is simply pleasant to me to be with this person. Means, I do not love it, and it so, the hobby» is simple.

How to understand what you test to the person? After all so it would be desirable not to pass or not to miss that only thing (th). It is said that you will feel, if it it. Yes. Likely so. But every year the world, a society, the relation to values varies, all as though tries to turn over. Young girls appreciate not romanticism, and a solvency more and more. Young guys or become similar to girls, or are so shy that simply are afraid to show feelings. But all dream of love, unless it is not paradoxical?

As people all the same to be afraid to dare to like, be afraid to prove, feel a pain, pleasure, grief. They agree not to fall in love, they change, lie, are realised, and all because of what? Because of fear to be the person? After all display of kindness, softness, warmth, tear is after all human displays, we were granted by their nature. And all of us more carefully and with mad persistence try «to jostle them far away» both not to hear, and not to feel, and so is simple, to do career and to earn money, but what for and for whom? Whether we the pleasure to which we aspire or all the same our protogenic feelings is more important will receive? Everyone chooses the way and follows it.

«Love the near». But how we love? How we do it how we will radiate the love on all mankind, for the whole world?... For we should love, such is true... If you do not love, you прокляты, you have wallowed in harm, you worsen a mankind condition. If love – you on the right track. But how to love? Many people concern love rather romantically and actually come to an enthusiastic condition from one this word. Then there comes rupture, the period when we any more do not feel raised impulses of love comes. Something comes another – something constraining, some secret business; we are inclined to hide this party of love; here – a sexual life, something shameful, not being a part of our Divine nature, something such of what it is not necessary and to think. It is necessary to kindle other fire of love only.

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